Homeowner alerts police after watching intruder break-in on security app

Published: Dec. 14, 2016 at 2:41 PM CST
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Police blocked off a Council Bluffs street Tuesday morning looking for a man who broke into a house.

It was a startling discovery for homeowner Ben Kult when the crook made a morning break into his Council Bluffs home. Kult told our sister-station WOWT 6 News he was alerted immediately via his home security system that someone broke into his house.

"The camera gave me an alert that somebody was at the door, as I watched it they broke in," Kult said. "He did ring the doorbell about ten times, and then proceeded to shake the door which set the alarm off on the door and then he proceeded to knock the door down.”

Watching from his smart phone, Kult could see that the man was armed with a handgun. He called police immediately, relaying essential information to arriving officers.

Neighbor Tom Hasenstaub watched as heavily armed officers with the Council Bluffs Emergency Services Team filtered towards his neighbor’s house.

"Then I saw a police car come along, marked police car, then several more and then just everything seemed to be happening at once,” Hasenstaub said.

While the tactical team surrounded the home they learned the intruder could still be inside with access to the homeowner's weapons. Police made the call to use a K9 Unit to search the house but the burglar had slipped away.

"I don't know how he got away at this point, he did not leave in any of the entrances that are being monitored,” said Kult.

Kult says his guns were left behind in the house, the thief made off with expensive jewelry and he has words for the crook.

"Just remember, everything you are taking, you are taking from somebody else so you can have something. It's not really fair,” he said.

Security footage caught this image of the suspected burglar. If you have any information on this incident please call Crime Stoppers at 712-328-7867.