Hundred-year-old railroad depot moved to new home

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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - An over 100-year-old railroad depot from Bennet was moved to its new home in Lancaster County Tuesday.

Source: (KOLN)

According to the Lancaster County website, it was used back in 1912 near the railroad in Bennet.

Former depot owner, Barbie Bruss, said she bought the depot with her current land.

"When they took it down the road," Bruss said, "I was wishing there would be a parade of being jumping up and down. It was so cool."

She sold the depot to Maureen and Bruce Stahr, who own the Prairie Creek Inn bed and breakfast in Walton.

"Having a piece of Nebraska history slide into this place," Maureen Stahr said, "Has just been another God-given opportunity and we're really thankful."

Bruce Stahr said it will take a lot of work to fix, but has some ideas with what to do with it.

"We'll put a good front porch on," Bruce Stahr said, "And have it available for our guests at Prairie Creek Inn."

Although Bruss no longer has it on her land, she said she's excited to see what it'll look like after it's restored.

"I'm excited. I can't wait for Bruce to call me up someday and tells me to come out." Bruss said, "He said come out for tea someday and I said alright tell me when its ready to be shown and I'll be the first one there."