Husker fans remember Sam Foltz

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LINCOLN, Neb. People that knew and loved Sam Foltz, even people who never met him like, Al Chambers, are remembering him today.

β€œHe was trying to live out his dream on the football field,” he said.

Saturday Al showed up wearing a Sam Foltz t-shirt, a decal on his car,
and instead of a Nebraska hat he's wearing a harvester hat to honor this Nebraska farm kid.

Al said he has nothing against players who are from out of state. He just has a special place in his heart for players like Sam Foltz, who were born and raised in Nebraska.

"What I like about Sam is he was a Nebraska kid, a walk on and a farm kid. He was the hardest hitting punter I have ever seen,” he said.

Even though he never talked to Sam, he says he still feels a connection to number 27.
Today reminds him of when Husker Nation lost beloved quarterback Brook Berringer in the 90s. He says he'll never forget Brook's mother telling everyone that the state of Nebraska was her support system.

Al says he hopes the Foltz family feels the same way.

"I think in Nebraska it's different than other places in the country. I think most of us here whether it's a Nebraska football player or whether it's not...I think we have the kind of mentality that we got your back."