Husker Hall to reopen, house students in recovery

(Source: KOLN).
Published: Feb. 26, 2020 at 9:42 PM CST
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This fall, the University of Nebraska will have a housing option it's never offered before.

It's reopening a dorm, to help students recovering from drug or alcohol addiction.

The building will even have a graduate assistant and an RA.

10/11 NOW spoke with students in recovery, who say they know first hand how much the support and community will help in that recovery process.

For the last year, Husker Hall off of 23rd and U Streets has sat empty for renovations, but this fall it will have new life.

"Students in recovery will be able to have a community where they feel appreciated, be able to share their experiences and really have the total campus experience,” said director of student resilience, Connie Boehm.

Six months from now, Boehm says she hopes to see the empty dorms full of students recovering from substance abuse.

Tim Anderson, a Nebraska law student who has been in recovery for four years, says he thinks this can really make a difference.

"We can challenge each other in a positive way to be better, to work on self-improvement, to being more involved in the community,” said Anderson.

Engineering student Jonathan Haag has been in recovery for nearly four years.

"An area that is truly dry on campus will be extremely beneficial for students,” said Jonathan Haag.

Each student will have their own room and the dorm can hold up to 41 people.

These rooms will be used for different activities throughout the day, like hosting yoga, career classes, and scheduled programming.

Both men say they plan on being heavily involved in the community this fall.

"Maybe give back some of the things I have learned personally to other students who might be younger and newer to recovery,” said Anderson.

"There's a lot more going on than just the drinking life, and I want to show people that,” said Haag.

Boehm says, students interested in applying to live at Husker Hall, should send her an email.