Husker basketball fans optimistic

Whether Husker fans were watching the men’s, women’s or both basketball games, all fans are hanging on to hope. While the women’s team celebrated a win against Michigan 61-54, the men’s team lost against Michigan 77-58.

Some fans like Spencer Carter said they hope the selection committee considers letting Nebraska compete in March Madness. “I mean we still played some good basketball games like the Kansas game that came down to one point, so you can’t look down on Nebraska for that.”

While most fans told 1011NOW they think Nebraska should be in the "Big Dance," not everyone wanted the team to make it. Austin Dixon manages a bar in the Haymarket area and while he said he supports the Huskers, he said he is torn. “Personally, I’m rooting that we go to the NIT tournament because it might help out business if we’re a number one seed… So I’m absolutely rooting for the Huskers. I want them to go to "the dance," but at the same time, I’ll be okay if they’re across the street.”

Friday night fans also discussed what would be better for the men’s team, competing in NIT where they could dominate, or squeezing into March Madness. Husker fan Chad Bower said his mind is made up. “I’d rather see them in the tournament. I think we’ve got a good team that might be able to get the first tournament win.... If we were to win NIT, that would be cool, but I’d rather see us get that first tournament win.”