Husker fans react to Stanford whiteboard controversy

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - The Huskers fought hard against the Stanford Cardinal but couldn't quite make it happen.

Stanford took the win in the fifth and final set,15-12.

But the heartbreaking loss wasn't the only thing that had Husker fans talking.

The picture of the Stanford locker room was only up for a matter of minutes, but it has already been shared thousands of times and it has even made national news.

10/11 NOW spoke to Husker fans on Sunday to see what they had to say about the image.

As Stanford ran into their locker room on Saturday night after winning the National Championship, the NCAA took a picture of players, putting it on social media.

People were quick to notice a drawing on the white board in Stanford's locker room before the social media posts were quickly taken down.

The drawing read "To hell with Huskers," with what appeared to be an image of the Stanford mascot shooting Herbie Husker.

Many Husker fans say they were upset by the image.

"I definitely found it surprising. Distasteful comes to mind. I don't think that, you know, you'd probably see that happen in the Nebraska locker room. But, definitely surprised,” said Husker fan, Cruz Longoria.

"I thought it was ridiculous, like why are people out here doing stuff like that. I just think like whats the point,” said Husker fan, Marshawna Kapke.

After the photos were taken down, Stanford Athletic Director Bernard Muir released a statement early Sunday morning.

It stated they, "Were aware of the picture".

He said the image on the white board was quote: "Unacceptable and does not reflect the values of Stanford University".

But some of our viewers weren't convinced.

Jim says he wants the apology to come from players and coaches,
While Sheri says it's not about winning or losing, but holding young people accountable.

And Leonard says they are just sorry they got caught.

We reached out to the team for a comment but a spokesperson for Nebraska Athletics says they will not be commenting or issuing a statement.