Husker player befriends patient at Madonna

Published: Aug. 30, 2017 at 10:45 PM CDT
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Garrett McCoy was lifting weights with his teammates in Lyndon, Kansas when an artery burst in his brain.

"My aneurysm was bleeding so bad that they put a whole bunch of narcotics in me and then they had to put me in a coma to stop the bleeding," said McCoy.

The football player was in a coma for a month. After making a remarkable recovery, he came to Madonna to get his strength back.

"The company has been great, the workouts have been great. I've been improving a lot faster. Just my stamina, I think, is my worst part right now because I can't run or anything," said McCoy.

Garrett only came to Madonna a couple weeks ago. And before that, his family didn't even know if he would wake up. Now, they're overwhelmed with his progress.

He's been going to speech, physical, and occupational therapy daily. But he also had a visit from Husker linebacker Chris Weber.

"You know I just really wanted to cheer him up and tell him to take it one day at a time," said Weber.

Since his visit, the two have kept in touch, just chatting and taking Garrett's mind off of the situation.

"He just came to hang out with me and we talked about football and him getting married, and little things like that," said McCoy.

Garrett thought meeting Chris was really cool, and he enjoyed hearing about playing for a college team, which he said was his dream.

He's getting stronger everyday but, he won't be able to play in his senior football season.

"It's hard knowing it's my last year of being a senior and I can't play football. And I really love playing football," said McCoy.

Weber said he wanted to take McCoy's mind off of things, but that meeting McCoy was also inspiring.

"It was hard to see him there but the progress that he's made has been awesome but then for me a kid who gets to play football you know it showed me don't take this for granted cause it can change in an instant," said Chris Weber.

Garret hasn't even been at Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital for a month, and he is already being discharged. He is headed back to Lyndon, Kansas this weekend and hopes to catch his high school football home opener.

Even though he can't play this year, he hopes to maybe be a student assistant coach. Either way he will be at every game cheering his teammates on.

He said he will be sure to catch a couple Husker games too.