Husker volleyball takes on local seniors in friendly match

LINCOLN, Neb. Wednesday was a battle of Millennials vs. Baby Boomers at Pemberly Place Senior Living as some of the residents at the center challenged the Huskers to a volleyball match on their home court.

The Pemberly volleyball team has been preparing for this match-up for months, with weekly practices that bring dozens to the rec room.

"One day we were playing and some of the residents were like we should verse the Cornhuskers," said Carol Straube, community life director. "I was like, you wanna verse the Cornhuskers? We'll verse the Cornhuskers."

Many of the people who live at Pemberly are lifelong Husker fans, eager to meet some of their favorite players. Earlier this year the team sent a highlight reel of some of their players in action on the court to the Huskers, challenging them to a match.

"I got to play in the front row against them and that was exciting," said Jean Weber who lives at Pemberly. "It's so nice to see those girls. You watch them on TV and you never get to interact with them so it's nice they take time to do that."

Husker volleyball players say days like Wednesday afternoon really reinforce their idea that Husker fans are some of the best around.

"We heard they were huge Husker fans and they love watching our games and they really get into that," said Anezka Szabo. "This relates to our sport and gets us out into the community so it's just a really good way for us to do that."

"It's amazing," said Nicklin Hames. "Everyone always says Nebraska has the best fans and they really do. They give us so much and to be able to come meet some of those fans and to get to play volleyball against them was a pretty special moment."

No actual scores were kept but both sides agreed on a victor.

"We did kick the butt of the Nebraska volleyball team," said Weber. "Pemberly kicked butt."