Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy gets Lincoln CPA back in business for tax season

Published: Feb. 29, 2020 at 8:21 PM CST
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For most, tax season can be stressful; but for one Lincoln CPA, all he wanted was to enjoy the busy season at work without pain.

Tom Shotkoski said he's thrilled to get back to work. His favorite part of being a CPA is meeting his clients. Shotkoski was diagnosed with colorectal cancer about 17 years ago.

"I had surgery there and they put in a mesh," said Shotkoski. "But the mesh became infected."

The infection turned life on it's side. Shotkoski couldn't even sit without pain.

"My wife would take me to my appointments and I would lay in the back seat of my wife's car because I couldn't sit," said Shotkoski. "That was in July."

His doctors at CHI Health St. Elizabeth tried a wound-vac, but it was painful and didn't work for him. After that, his doctors decided to try Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.

"They're on 100 percent oxygen, under pressure, and that pressure drives the oxygen through the tissue into the body," said Dr. David Voigt at CHI. "That oxygen that comes in causes a chemical signal that improves the ingrowth of vessels and the healing of wounds."

From July to January, 5 days a week, Tom would lay in the oxygen chamber for 2 hours, waiting for his body to heal. What was a 5-inch wound, is now smaller than a thumbnail. If it weren't for the therapy at CHI, his 2-hour session would have turned to 4. The next closest option would have been in Omaha.

"I can drive, I ride in a car, I flew in an airplane, which right after the surgery, I could have never done that," said Shotkoski.

Now, after therapy, Tom can sit in the office and is excited to get back to work on the 2020 tax season.

"I can still work," said Shotkoski. "I can still be on the computer. I'm still doing tax returns."

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