I-80 stops leads to discovery of 31 cloned credit cards

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LANCASTER COUNTY – A traffic stop on Interstate 80 led to deputies finding 31 cloned credit cards and the arrest of three people.

The Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office said they stopped a Chevy Equinox on Tuesday around 3 p.m. for following too closely near Mile Marker 393.

After contacting the occupants of the car, a search took place, and inside deputies found a vape pen with THC in it, 31 cloned credit cards, and two credit card swipe readers.

Lisandra Powell, 29, of Michigan, Olijadae Powell, 19, of Michigan, and Troy Royster, 36, of California, were arrested.

LSO said the three were heading to a Nebraska Wal-Mart, according to their GPS, and it is likely they were planning on using the cards there.