IRS gift card scam

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LINCOLN, Neb. Lincoln police say this year they've dealt with six reports of IRS fraud involving iTunes gift cards. The most recent incident happened yesterday at a local CVS.

The scammers call from a computer generated U.S. area code claiming to be from the IRS. They then demand that the victims pay large sums of back taxes immediately. They then instruct them to go to the store and buy that amount worth of iTunes gift cards and send them pictures of the serial numbers.

"They're never going to ask you to send a card and give the code off of the back,"Teresa Fritz with the Better Business Bureau says. "If it's the IRS they're going to be sending you letters in writing. You're going to have time to respond and you're going to be paying by check."

Unlike other scams there's no target age. Victims have ranged from 21-70 years old here in Lincoln. And people have been tricked out of thousands of dollars each.