Imperial sandwich keeps customers coming back

Nebraska is the birthplace of the Reuben sandwich. Some say you could add the "Turkey Reuben" to the state's memorable sandwich list.

Here at Pure Nebraska, we've been hearing from viewers about the "Turkey Reuben" made at M & M Natural JAZ in Imperial. A couple of our viewers mentioned that it's one of the best sandwiches around. We headed to Imperial to check it out. We talked with store owner Marcy Nesbitt to learn more. Nesbitt tells us she started her business back in 1994. "I started it out of a need to do something different," Nesbitt said. "I was sick, and needed to stop baking. I wanted a place for people to gather, and I needed to have healthier foods to eat. It started out of that need."

Nesbitt started out selling health supplements and herbs. But she realized that selling those products wouldn't be enough. So, she bought a sandwich bar, and started making sandwiches in addition to the health food items. "I had the idea. I went to the Nebraska Business Development Corporation out of North Platte, and they helped me get started," Nesbitt said. "This building was empty for a long time, and it seemed like a great location. The bank helped me with a lease-purchase agreement, I was able to get a micro-loan, and it just all fell together."

Now, Nesbitt continues with the health foods and the sandwiches that are made with organic items. Around Imperial, people enjoy coming to her store for the Turkey Reuben. "The Turkey Reuben is not turkey and sauerkraut like many people think," Nesbitt said. "It's a cole slaw that we make in-house, that is a very specific recipe that I make. Then we add the marble bread, turkey, and provolone cheese, and we toast it. It makes a sauce on it when it's all done and it's really delicious."

So the next time you are visiting Imperial, consider a stop at M & M Natural JAZ for the Turkey Reuben.