Student manager inspires Lincoln East squad

He didn't register any points or rebounds this season, but he has helped the Spartans to a 24 and 1 record.

Whether he's filling up water bottles or operating the scoreboard, Lincoln East head coach Jeff Campbell says Noah Kumwenda loves to contribute to this team, "Anyway that he can help us out and we can help him out and it's a win/win for everybody."

Kim Kumwenda says her son never got to play on a team with other kids, "Well, I knew Noah couldn't do competitive sports because he was born with hydrocephalus and cerebral palsy, but he loves to shoot hoops with his brother and with his brother's friends. I wanted him to always have something to remember high school by."

Kim feels like this has been a perfect fit, "Mrs. Bright made all this happen and coach has just been really good to Noah and so have the boys."

Noah says, "I've had a lot of fun being able to be with the team and see them win."

And you better believe Noah will have the water bottles ready to roll Thursday night as the Spartans play Omaha Bryan in a game that's set to tip at 8:45 at Pinnacle Bank Arena.