International Wheat Center

GRANT, Neb.- We recently traveled to Grant to learn about the work being done at the International Wheat Center.

"In 2013, Marvin Stumpf came to the University of Nebraska to give a donation of land just outside of Grant," Associate District Director of the West Central Research and Extension Center Kelly Bruns said. Stumpf gave the donation in memory of his family. "Then he also gave the finances to build a building to support the research and extension activities here in the southwestern part of the state," Bruns said.

The main focus of the International Wheat Center is on wheat and crop rotations to support the producers in the area. There have been collaborations with companies to do variety trials on wheat at the center. There has also been quite a bit of work at the center on cropping systems relative to wheat, such as what is the proper planting time, and what that means for disease implications as well as yield.

"I think beyond the aspect of the focus on wheat, we have the ability to bring scientists from campus, from Scottsbluff, as well as the cropping system specialists that we have at the center do conduct research here," Bruns said. "So beyond wheat, they are looking at corn, soybeans, the disease implications that we have there, as well as nutrient management."