Iron Brush Tattoo Shop supports charities

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Inside the walls of the Iron Brush tattoo shop there is what looks to be a bubble gum machine. But this device is different than anything you've probably ever seen.

They call it the Tattoo Oracle and it dares the customer to let fate decide what their new tattoo will look.

Tattoo artist Ann Looris says, "Our shop owner Tyson kind of formulated the idea just to give people an option for just maybe they want a tattoo, but they really don't know what they want. We've loaded up the Tattoo Oracle will a lot of custom, real traditional solid-looking designs. We actually do these as walk-ins and we offer walk-ins everyday except Sunday from noon to 8pm. This option allows us to give a little bit back to the community that gives us so much so we've loaded it with amazing designs that we really crank out."

Jamie Gordon says Iron Brush brought in 800 pounds of food and a thousand dollars for the food bank in just one week in December, "I love what they do, not only for us, but they are giving back to the whole community of Lincoln."

The Iron Brush will be raising money for the Food Bank throughout the month of January and they'll be holding a blood drive coming up on January 26th.