Jafar Rhodes is known far and wide for his free fruit

Published: Apr. 10, 2019 at 6:27 PM CDT
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Jafar Rhodes is a very interesting character. He grew up in Queens, New York & while New York City was home, the 9/11 tragedy in 2001 prompted him to leave the Big Apple and move to Lincoln. Jafar says, "I seen the sign that says, 'Welcome to the Good Life,' and I ain't never left since."

Jafar wanted a good place to raise his kids, "I just always worked with people, I was always good with people."

Jafar starting working here at Hy-Vee in 2009 and he's been the king of customer service there ever since.

Rob Reif is the store director at the 50th and O Hy-Vee and he has enjoyed watching Jafar and his big personality work magic over the past decade, "Jafar's number one job is to take care of customers. It's not to stock produce, it's to take care of customers."

And Jafar does that best by encouraging kids to eat a free piece of fruit while they shop.

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