Joline Weart Spirit Award

LINCOLN, Neb.- You could say Joline Weart has a love for horses, and a passion for making a difference in the lives of young people. At 91 years old, she has a long history of helping kids learn to ride at her acreage in Southwest Lincoln. "I have notes all over my bedroom wall, you ought to see them, on how I changed their lives with the use of horses," Weart said.

Joline is known for working with kids and adults from all walks of life. She really enjoys working with kids who have challenges like low self-esteem. "Reading them that takes years you know," Weart said. "What could possibly be wrong with her? Why isn't she talking or laughing or smiling?

It's for Joline's work that she was recently nominated by Dr. Joanne Owens-Nauslar for the "Girls and Women in Sports and Fitness" Spirit Award.
She received the award at a banquet at the Champions Club in downtown Lincoln. "She is amazing with young people in the world of horses. She can take away their fears. You can have an animal that is 1800 pounds and a 65 pound little girl, and she will make the girl feel comfortable," Owens-Nauslar said.

Friends and family were on hand as Joline received her award for a lifetime of achievement. Chris Kliment recalls was it was like to know Joline as a kid..
"All we did in the neighborhood is ride horses. Her daughter and I both showed horses together, and we spent our time on horses and doing chores as kids play with their tablets today," Kliment said. Joline's children recall learning a sense of worth ethic at an early age. "We didn't have cell phones. We had chores to do, and that's just what we did when we went home, and we didn't get paid for it either," daughter Carol Wolf said.

Joline says a hip fracture about two years ago has slowed her down a little. Still, she remains involved with daily lessons, as her grand-daughter Jennifer now takes over some of the teaching duties. "My grandma was always there for me when I was a kid, and because of her I know how to ride horses," granddaughter Jennifer Weart said. "Now I can be here for her, because she's 91 and she's special."

If you would like to know more about Joline Weart's riding opportunities, you can call (402) 476-8411.