KOLN, KSNB, KNOP win combined 14 AP awards

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The Associated Press announced winners in the 2016 AP Great Plains Broadcast Contest Wednesday, and KOLN-TV, KSNB-TV, and KNOP-TV received a combined 14 awards.

Twenty broadcast outlets submitted 231 entries in the contest which featured news, feature and sports stories from 2016.

Division II

1st Place
General Reporting: KOLN-TV, Courtney Johns, "USDA Could Fine Dog Breeder $3 million"
Enterprise: KOLN-TV, Bridget Fargen, "Avoid That Parking Ticket"
Agriculture: KSNB-TV, Russ Batenhorst, "A Special Harvest Bee"
Website: KOLN-TV, Amber Smith and Jay Omar, 1011now.com
Sportscast: KOLN-TV, Kevin Sjuts
Weathercast: KSNB-TV, Travis Klanecky, "Midday Weather"

2nd Place
Spot News: KOLN-TV, "Blizzard Coverage"
Enterprise: KOLN-TV, Courtney Johns, "Lacy's Siblings"
Website: KNOP-TV, Jay Omar and Amber Smith, knopnews2.com
Newscast: KOLN-TV, "News at 6pm, Groundhog Day Blizzard 2016"

3rd Place
Spot News: KOLN-TV, "Southeast Lincoln Hit by Tornado"
Feature: KOLN-TV, Taryn & Jon Vanderford, "Ponca's Police Chief"
Sports: KOLN-TV, Kevin Sjuts, "Drew Brown Remembers Sam Foltz"
Writing: KOLN-TV, Kevin Sjuts, "Sam Foltz Tribute"