Kaley House offers relaxation and rest

Published: Oct. 29, 2019 at 9:54 AM CDT
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If you are looking for a weekend escape, you might consider a visit to south central Nebraska and a beautifully restored Red Cloud home.

During a visit to Red Cloud, we talked to innkeeper Brenda Knehans about the Kaley House Bed and Breakfast. "The house was built in 1886 for Charles and Cyrelia Kaley," Knehans said. "They lived here for a number of years. Charles was here in Red Cloud to join his brother at his law firm. Cyrelia passed away in 1901. At that time, Charles invited his brother Dave and Dave's wife Dora, to move into his house with him. Then Charles passes away, and Dave and Dora were the main occupants of the house."

The home was then sold to Francis and Josephine Bohrer in 1959 who were moving into Red Cloud from their farm. Francis died in 1961, but Josephine remained in the home until April 1995. "Josephine lived in the house into her 90's, at which time, she had one of her daughters call Jay Yost to see if he wanted to buy the house," Knehans said. "Jay is from Red Cloud, and had always said he wanted to buy the house someday. So he did, for $5,000." Knehans says that Yost spent the next 17 years renovating the house. "It probably would have been torn down had Jay not purchased it," Knehans said.

The entire interior of the house has been gutted, renovated, re-plumbed and re-wired, but there are many parts of it that remain original. The woodwork is original, and the stairway is original, except for one spindle that had to be replaced. "Jay had to use pictures to have the outside renovated," Knehans said. "The columns on the porch are about the only things that are original there. But, if you look at the house, it looks like it did back in the days when the Kaley's lived here."

We're told the bed and breakfast is very busy April through October with visitors. They come from all over the United States, and there have been visitors from Canada, Australia, Germany and England. For more information, go to or call (402) 746-8300.

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