Kearney Archway Ready for Visitors

The Archway at Kearney is ready to welcome visitors for another year, and already the Archway is seeing plenty of visitors thanks to the Sandhill Crane migration.

Eric Hellriegel is the Executive Director of the Archway, and he says there have been a number of upgrades made to the facility over the last two years. "We have a brand new audio system which means we tell the story in such a dramatic fashion, and it helps educate visitors and school kids alike about the story of the pioneers and the many trails that came through this area," Hellriegel said.

"In addition to that, we are excited about a new mining exhibit. Families will be able to buy mining 'rough', come to an area kids can use circulating water to find gemstones, fossils, and fools gold," Hellriegel said. "And that's a part of our story here. We talk about the '49-ers and their role blazing the trails. That's an important connection point that will give families a chance to interact and learn as well."

There are about 90 acres surrounding the Archway, and visitors are not only encouraged to explore the Great Platte River Road exhibit, but the grounds as well. A visitors center inside the Archway is another new feature that will help educate visitors and promote the state. If you haven't visited the Archway yet, maybe this year is your year to do it.