Kids' Chance Nebraska awards scholarships

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LINCOLN, (Neb.) The impact of a work-related accident reaches far beyond the office. When an employee has to take time off to heal or can no longer work, families struggle.

In the hopes of helping children of these families get a good education, Kids' Chance Nebraska awards scholarships to children of workers who have either been killed or significantly disabled in work related accidents.

On Wednesday they held an award ceremony for their recipients including Zeb Elsbernd. Zeb's father was an attorney. He was shot and killed by his client'. "It's been rough. It's definitely a lot harder than it would have been if he was alright. Going to school, I probably couldn't go to school if it wasn't for this scholarship," said Zeb.

Ruby Mendez-Lopez is also a recipient. When Ruby was in high school a pallet fell on her mother's foot. Her mother was not able to walk for six months. "My brother ended up taking on a full-time job his senior year of high school and eventually me too. So it was really hard to delegate and try to figure out how we were going to make it work with my mom in the picture," said Ruby.

Both students attend the University of Nebraska. They say they owe their education to this scholarship.

The scholarship is essentially a $20,000. For each year of college the non-profit awards their students five thousand dollars over four years.