Kimmel Orchard worried heat may affect Applejack Festival

LINCOLN, Neb. - With the above average temperatures we've been seeing, it certainly doesn't feel like fall.

Jonathan Hood picks an apple from a tree at Kimmel Orchard. (Source: KOLN)

The late-summer heat can affect the growth of different plants, but Kimmel Orchard says the high temperatures have actually been good for their apples.

Kimmel Orchard also says the extra rain we saw this spring was also helpful.

"This year we've had a great apple crop," said Jonathan Hood, an employee at the orchard. "This is the best one I've seen here."

And while the employees say they'd rather the temperature be in the 70s, Hood says the heat doesn't really affect the apples. It just makes them ripen faster.

His concern is whether it will keep people from coming to the orchard for the Applejack Festival.

"We have lots of apples that are still on the trees and ready to go for this weekend," Hood said. "I just know a lot of people like to come out when it gets a little cooler and the leaves change color."

But, not to worry, Hood says they're prepared for all kinds of weather this weekend.

"We're going to have our cider slushies available so people can cool off, and then we will have cold ciders you can get in the kitchen," Hood said.

Regardless of the actual temperature, Hood says it will still feel like fall this weekend.

"I don't think anything else says fall like going and getting pumpkins out of our pumpkin patch or taking a hay rack ride around the orchard," Hood said. "I don't know, that sounds pretty fall to me."

The Applejack Festival will be Sept. 21 and 22 from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.