LPD: Cashier at Russ's Market hit with quick-change scam

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LINCOLN, Neb. -- Lincoln Police said a cashier at Russ's Market fell victim to a quick-change scam putting the business out nearly $100.

LPD said it happened on January 11th at Russ's Market on South Coddington.

A man reportedly came into the store with $200 worth of cash and asked the cashier for change in the form of two $100 bills.

When the cashier gave him the bills, LPD said he discreetly swapped one of the $100 bills for a $1 bill and told the cashier she had only given him $101 dollars.

The cashier then took the money and gave him $200 again without realizing he scammed her.

LPD is reviewing surveillance video for a suspect.