Man enters wrong apartment, confronts residents, & punches officer while trying to escape

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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - Lincoln police officers said a man who entered the wrong apartment and confronted residents, tried escaping police by punching and kicking responding officers.

On Monday at 2.45 p.m., officers were dispatched to an apartment complex on Briar Park Drive near S 48th Street, in south Lincoln, on a report of an assault in progress.

Responding officers saw Chase Traxler, 25, as well as several bystanders who told officers that he was responsible for the disturbance.

LPD said Traxler entered an apartment building that wasn't his and confronted the two residents who lived there.

The two victims told officers they tried getting him out of the door, which is around the time officers arrived.

LPD believes alcohol may have played a factor and Traxler ran from officers to an apartment building, frantically beating on the doors.

Officers said he punched an officer in the face and tried to fight his way free.

LPD said when Traxler was beating on the doors of other apartments, trying to escape police, one of those residents has a protection order against him.

Once he was detained in handcuffs, LPD said he kicked the same officer in the knee.

LPD said at the jail, Traxler resisted correctional officers.

Traxler is facing assault on a police officer charges, resisting arrest, trespassing, violation of a protection order, disturbing the peace and outstanding warrant for felony domestic assault.