LPD sees increase in huffing incidents, asking parents to be on the lookout

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LINCOLN, NE Lincoln Police are asking parents to be on the lookout for huffing, after officers have received several reports over the last two weeks of juveniles using air horns to get high.

LPD said the instances featured juveniles buying or shoplifting air horns from sporting good stores and huffing them. In the last week, officers responded to a huffing incident in which a juvenile was hospitalized.

"Our main priority is not law enforcement action. We are not looking to charge or arrest anyone, our main priority when we take huffing cases is to save somebodies life and get them medical treatment," said Officer Luke Bonkiewicz with Lincoln Police.

Police are asking people to lookout for empty air horn cans like aerosol containers for glue, cleaning fluids, or whipped cream.

Other signs of use include:

-Paint or chemical smell on clothing, skin, or breath
-Stains from paints, solvents, or other chemicals on the hands or face
-Slurred speech
-Acting drunk or disoriented
-Loss of inhibition or motor coordination
-Exhausted or fatigued for several hours without cause
-Drowsiness or nodding off during conversation
-Nausea or vomiting
-“Glue sniffer’s rash,” found around the nose or mouth
-Hiding paraphernalia like used rags, tissues, bags, and empty cans

LPD are also asking businesses, especially sporting goods stores, to reduce access to air horns and other aerosols and to report all shoplifts immediately to law enforcement.