LPD asks trail users to be vigilant this summer

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It's something police departments around the country are seeing, people using tying ropes across bike trails as a prank and Lincoln Police already have one report of it happening in our area.

"The spring and summer as the bike trails are used more we do different details on the trails," said Officer Angela Sands with the Lincoln Police Department.

It's a good reminder for people who use trails to be aware. In May, Lincoln police received a call of a rope stretching across a portion of Rock Island Trail.

"That's a prank we see online. We see on Youtube," Sands added.

Thankfully, police say the person saw it in time and didn't get hurt. LPD has also had reports of people exposing themselves along the trail.

"I mean, we ride the trails because the streets are pretty dangerous because people don't look out for bikers but with as many bikers on here now and then you throw in shenanigans like tying a rope between tries, yeah, it's kind of scary," said William Dimon, a frequent trail rider.

If you're someone who uses the trail, there are things you can do every day to protect yourself. Have a buddy system and let people know where you are, when you're going to be back. Also have your phone with you in case you need to call law enforcement.