LPD makes arrests in party incidents, offers safety tips

Lincoln Police are warning the public there are individuals going to Husker game watch parties to assault and rob strangers. (Source: Crime Stoppers)
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LINCOLN, Neb. - The Lincoln Police Department has made numerous arrests in a series of assaults, thefts, and robberies that have occurred at parties in Lincoln. According to officials, these incidents appear to have been committed by a group of uninvited guests. These include an incident in which a young woman was assaulted by multiple suspects on camera and an incident in which a group attempted to enter a house by force.

LPD is continuing to investigate the incidents.

"We've had some other instances after football games, or during football parties, where we're seeing individuals going around to these parties and finding reasons to fight. This seems to be something they're doing for fun. However they're also stealing items from the victims so these are actually technically robberies," said Lincoln Police Department Forensic Video Technician Jared Minary.

LPD Investigators have worked with the local colleges to provide simple safety tips to students when visiting or hosting a party. Investigators are encouraging anyone with information to call the Lincoln Police Department at 402-441-6000.

Safety Tips:

Only attend parties where you know the host

Avoid large gatherings or gatherings with illegal activity occurring

Use the buddy system and if drinking keep a sober chaperone

Trust your instincts and immediately leave any situation that feels bad

Call the police if threatened or if you witness assaultive behavior

Call the police to assist in ending a party that has uninvited guests show up that could cause the previous mentioned issues