LPD tests out new Kevlar body armor vests

LINCOLN, Neb - Officers with the Lincoln Police Department tested out a Kevlar vest Thursday at the LPD firing range near West Fletcher.

The Alpha Elite black vest was tested at about 16 feet away, to see a demonstration of Point Blank Body Armor in action. It has been on the market for about two years and protects against hand guns. It's lighter, thinner and has a higher threat level than current vests being used. The testing was meant to show how their body armor can absorb the impact of a bullet.

Sergeant Margot Nason with the University Police Department says considering recent school shootings, it makes being properly protected especially important.

"I think it really hits home how important it is to wear your vest because you're seeing a first-hand experience of what can happen to your body if you're not wearing it," said Nason. "It seems like an everyday chore, but clearly it shows how important it really is."

Point Blank Body Armor featured new body armor that helps protect against rifles like the ones used in the Dallas Police shooting.

"It's an exciting technological advance for sure because you are seeing an increase in engagements using higher caliber weaponry and I think it's definitely a direction we should be moving in," said Nason. "With the news of the school shootings, it just hits home, again, that we need to continue training, continue keeping up on the trends of what's happening in the world so that we can maintain safety not for ourselves but for everyone else."