LPS High School Task Force meets for first time

LINCOLN, (Neb.) On Thursday Lincoln Public Schools' High School Task Force met for the first time. Typically the district puts together a basic task force to discuss what they can do to better serve the district, but given the issues of overcrowding and steady student growth, this time the task force is focusing on high schools.

Roughly 70 students, teachers, parents and community members are a part of this task force. While the task force will likely look into building another high school, the superintendent says it's not required.

"We have the opportunity now to think differently," said Superintendent Dr. Steve Joel. "Perhaps we've not had that before in the past."

The superintendent says this is a free flowing discussion where members can bring up any concerns or ideas on how to make the district better. Aside from discussions about space, many members brought up interest in creating new programs and district diversity. The task force will meet five more times, once at each high school. The superintendent will make a recommendation to the school board at the end of the year.