More than 2,600 participate in walkouts at Lincoln schools

Published: Apr. 19, 2018 at 2:02 PM CDT
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Hundreds of students walked out of Lincoln high schools just before 10 a.m on Friday to stand up against gun violence.

Students from all six Lincoln high schools participated, as well as some students from other schools around the city.

At Lincoln East, students gathered on the band practice field, chanting and holding signs.

Others drove by in cars while holding signs, and there were four student speakers.

The walkouts are a part of a nationwide movement and fall on the anniversary of the Columbine High School shooting in Colorado.

The current principal at Columbine High School in Colorado asked students to have a day of service rather than a walkout, but many students didn’t agree with the method.

"A walkout draws attention to itself and this issue has been going on for decades and ultimately it hasn't progressed it's now time that we have to draw attention to ourselves," Atticus Muller, a senior at Lincoln East, said.

Lincoln Public Schools says it does not support the walkouts but had faculty monitoring students as long as they stayed on school grounds.

“The student walkouts at our schools were conducted in an orderly and respectful manner. Our students had the opportunity to express their various views on the topic of school safety and gun control. Our staff and administrators provided excellent guidance and supervision. As soon as the events were completed, students returned to class to continue their school work,” LPS Superintendent Steve Joel said.

LPS said between all 14 schools that participated, there were 2,634 students involved in the walkout.

Lincoln Northeast held a school-wide unity event, LPS said, where 1,600 students participated.

LPS did not include that number in the walkout total.