LPS nutritional services aims to make meal planning easier

Published: Aug. 13, 2019 at 4:39 AM CDT
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With the new school year Lincoln Public Schools is aiming to promote smarter and healthier eating habits in schools.

Their nutrition services website makes making that healthy choice a little bit easier.

The MealViewer program posts menus for all LPS schools online but the feature doesn't just show you what is for breakfast or lunch.

It has photos of food items, nutritional information and even a calorie counter to make sure your kids are eating enough for their age and activity level every day.

The feature also has an allergy filter to identify foods that contain milk, soy, eggs and other ingredients that children may be allergic to.

Registered dietitian Amber Pankonin says the tool is great for parents and students alike.

"I think it provides some balance and I love the transparency that they are posting that nutrition information, it can allow parents and caregivers to plan," said Pankonin.

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