LPS sends statement regarding flag placement at North Star High School

Published: Feb. 2, 2017 at 10:32 AM CST
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A statement was sent to Lincoln North Star families on Wednesday regarding an incident with a Mexican Flag being placed over an American flag.

The district updated the statement Wednesday afternoon:

Lincoln Public Schools was made aware Wednesday of an incident that happened in a Spanish language classroom at Lincoln North Star High School. There are flags of many nations hanging in the classroom, and one student hung a Mexican flag on the same flag pole as the American flag.

The classroom teacher appropriately used the incident as an opportunity for a teachable moment to lead a discussion on respecting the American flag, proper flag etiquette and patriotism, and removed the Mexican flag. The school principal had conversations with the students and staff involved, and people had an opportunity to discuss the issue. These were all positive experiences; these are life lessons that stick with students.

One student in the class – upset by seeing the Mexican flag added to the flagpole – took a photograph and sent out a Tweet expressing concerns. The student has removed the Tweet. Unfortunately, different misleading versions of the Tweet were forwarded to many people on social media and we have received some inappropriate responses.

We also have received phone calls, emails and questions through our customer service phone line and are responding to questions with accurate information. Please feel free to contact our ConnectNow/Let’s Talk phone line if you have questions or concerns:

We are confident we have addressed this issue, however, we are again reminded these are highly charged and emotional times. Lincoln Public Schools will continue to focus on the mission of our school district: Teaching and learning.