LPS working to reduce math anxiety for students in upcoming school year

Published: Aug. 9, 2019 at 9:17 AM CDT
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Students may not be in school yet but this week LPS teachers are already in the classroom preparing for the start of school on Monday.

Staff at LPS have been working on the upcoming school year's curriculum throughout the summer.

One thing they have been focusing on is finding ways to reduce anxiety for students when it comes to math.

According to LPS, staff held a 4-day workshop this summer to find ways to incorporate strategies into the curriculum to help reduce stress in the classroom.

"When you are anxious, you're not able to learn and not in a place to do that so our teachers, I've been really proud of them and taking this on and really thinking about how they can support a student when they come in they can be comfortable," said Josh Males, a K-12 Curriculum Specialist for Mathematics for LPS.

One strategy they are using is making problem-solving scenarios with math more relatable to kids. They are also working to get students to talk more about how they went about solving a math problem with their peers help make them more comfortable with it.

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