LSO seizes THC shatter, pot, and hash oil during traffic stop

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LANCASTER COUNTY – The Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office stopped a vehicle on Interstate 80 containing $1.1 million worth of THC shatter, and $440,000 worth of pot.

LSO stopped two vehicles near mile marker 401 on Tuesday around 2 p.m.

Inside one of the vehicles, which was a U-Haul van, deputies found 25 pounds of THC shatter, a large amount of hash oil, and $400,000 worth of marijuana.

LSO arrested and lodged Richard Wilkinson, 36, of Oregon, for possession of marijuana with intent to deliver, and John Carlson, 50, for aiding and abetting the possession of marijuana with intent to deliver.

Wilkinson was driving the U-Haul van, and Carlson was following him in a separate vehicle.

Wilkinson said he was transporting the drugs form Oregon to another state where it is legal to manufacture marijuana.