Lakeview parents talk safety after suspicious vehicle incident

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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - Lakeview Elementary parents are continuing to take safety measures after a suspicious vehicle stopped three students outside the school.

Students play at the playground of Lake View Elementary. Parents near the school say they want to keep teaching their kids to stay away from strangers.

Parents were notified Monday of a man driving by the school telling kids to get in his van.

The three kids decided to go back into the school and tell an adult. That person later reported it to the police.

Mary Anne Loos has three great-grand kids who go to Lakeview Elementary and thought the students handled the situation well. "That is terrific. That has got to make those parents feel good."

Lakeview father Deon Jackson said his two daughters learned self-defense.

"Every parent should have some form of a strategy or tactic they drill their kids with," Jackson said.

Loos said she teaches her great-grand kids a safe word.

"This year we have a kindergartner that started and this [Tuesday] morning we realized we had not talked to him yet about that word," Loos said.

Both Loos and Jackson agree schools need to keep teaching kids safety tactics.

"All we can do is train them to the best of our ability and that there are things that happen in this world," Jackson said.

"Every parent, grand parent or great-grand parent loves their little ones and you hope for the best and you pray that everything you've taught them works," Loos said.

Lincoln Police said it should have surveillance video and witness interviews by Wednesday.