Lancaster County Health Department Ebola response training exercise

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LINCOLN, Neb.-- The odds of the Ebola virus ever making it's way to Lincoln are next to zero. But health care professionals in the capitol city aren't using that as an excuse to be unprepared.

The Lincoln - Lancaster County Health Department launched a full scale Ebola training exercise to make sure local hospitals are prepared for a disaster-type situation.

The exercise simulated a couple who traveled to Sierra Leone and returned with Ebola symptoms.

The couple was split up and sent to CHI Saint Elizabeth's and Bryan Medical Center, Bryan West Campus in an effort to keep from overwhelming one facility. And today's exercise is applicable to more than just Ebola.

The staff at both Saint E's and Bryan Medical Center were happy with today's performance but say the main point of improvement will be more precise communication methods.

Medical staffs from both hospitals will be putting together action reviews of today's exercises.

They will then move that information along to healthcare partners from the local level all the way to the Center for Disease Control.