Lance's Journal: Falls City Organist, July 21, 2017

David von Behren's initial fascination with the organ came in the choir loft of Christ Lutheran Church in Falls City. That's where his mother was the organist and young David was captivated by the way his mom could make beautiful music with both her hands and her feet working in perfect unison.

David learned to play the organ from one of falls city's finest, Mildred Appleoff, "One of the comments I know I made to you was the fact that the organ is the king of all instruments."

These days, David can play both the organ and the violin at the same time and Mrs. A is duly impressed, "I feel like he's doing concerts all over the United States and Europe as well and I feel that he's at this point, on his way, or is, a world-class organist."

And this world class organist will quickly tell you that he's had a lot of assistance along the way. Both his parents are gifted musicians and he also gives Marjorie Eames a lot of credit, "My grandma has driven me thousands of miles, especially before I could have a license."

David says he was recently offered post graduate scholarships at four elite music conservatories, including the Julliard School in New York City and the Yale School of Music in Connecticut, "It was a very tough decision, but I'm very excited to be going to Yale School of Music, the Institute of Sacred Music Program together for my masters degree, which will be a two-year degree."

David has always enjoyed sharing his intense love of music with children, so back in 2013, he started "The Little Stars Summer Music Program" in Falls City, where he gets to work one-on-one with kids ages three through eleven.