Lance's Journal: Advanced Culinary Class at LNS, Dec. 18, 2017

A lot of us had the opportunity in high school to slice some onions and boil some water in a home economics class, but the advanced culinary class at North Star High School takes food preparation to a whole new level.

Camelle Kinney teaches an advanced culinary class that prepares would-be chef's to one day run a restaurant.

Camelle says this is the third year of operating the gator gourmet grill out of her classroom, "We can only sell our food items to teachers, we can't sell to students, nor can the other schools, but we sell about 30 to 40 lunches a week and we do it all in one day and one class period."

Emma Smith says she felt a little pressure as she prepared food for her teachers, "It was really nerve-wracking because you have to see these teachers after you deliver food to them and after they eat what you prepared, it's kind of scary because they have that opinion of your food and they have that opinion of you now."

And just how did the teachers respond after their most recent gourmet meal? Anna was happy to say, "It was overwhelmingly positive."