Lance's Journal: Athlete2Athlete Mentoring Program at UNL, Dec. 3, 2018

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No matter how prepared a student feels they are...that first year of college always presents new and unforeseen challenges.
Fortunately, UNL track athletes get a little help along the way.

Karen Kassebaum knows a thing or two about the rigors of being a track athlete in college. Her short time running at a division one school in the 80's left a lasting impression. She says, "I knew my experience was horrible."

And 8 years ago, Karen used what she learned through her horrible experience and turned it into a positive experience as part of her PhD program. Karen explains, "I was doing research on mentoring and looking at mentoring programs in the Big Ten and seeing who had the transitional mentoring programs in the Big Ten and really nobody did."

That's when Karen went to Nebraska's track and field office inquiring about starting up a new mentorship program that she had developed

Long-time NU track coach Gary Pepin is a big fan of Karen's Athlete2Athlete program, "It's tough enough if you're just a student, but when you're an athlete as well and you have all those responsibilities, it's great that they're getting the help from these athletes that are currently on the team it's really a terrific deal."

Dr. Kassebaum is proud to say that Nebraska continues to be the only school in the Big Ten that has a peer to peer transitional & leadership development program where every incoming student athlete gets a mentor for the entire school year.