Lance's Journal: Chase Hasty The Magician, Sept. 18, 2017

When I first met chase hasty, I got the feeling that even at the age of 16, he had what it takes to make it big.

It was quite apparent that Chase had the drive, determination, showmanship & skills to make it as a full-time magician.

Today, at the ripe old age of 20, he appears to be right on track.

Chase has been awfully busy honing his craft since he graduated from Holdrege High School in 2015, "I went straight into magic full-time and since then I've been working. Do corporate shows and parties. I'm going on 8 years of performing now actual live shows and ten years doing magic. I've had a lot of performances, a lot of live shows and spent too many hours with a deck of cards."

Chase says he's now doing up to 200 shows a year, "In high school, I probably did 50 a year all through high school."

Add them all up and he's probably racked up more nearly a thousand shows since he was ten years old.

And his next show will take place this Thursday night in Lincoln's Haymarket District.

Young Mr. Hasty will hit the stage at the Haymarket Theatre at 7 o'clock, doors open at 6:30pm.

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