Lance's Journal: Chef at Governor's Residence, Jan. 28, 2019

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It all started for Eric Seevers when he was a junior at Norfolk High School. Until then, it hadn't dawned on him that a career in cooking was something he'd be interested in. But on one fateful day, he visited the house of a friend and her older brother was just whipping up a storm in the kitchen...and just like that...Eric had cooked up a new career path.

Eric went to culinary school up in Mitchell, South Dakota and then he was off to see the world, "I spent the next six months on a ship in Europe cooking on board for the ship's company of 350 people from over 50 different countries and I haven't looked back."

After a brief stint in Vail, Colorado, Eric says he took his culinary skills to the Asian country of Laos, "I ended up getting married over there, my wife is from Laos."

Eric became the chef in the governor's residence in March of 2017, "You realize it's really a great job. I mean as a chef, I actually have a reasonable schedule, I'm not working every night and every weekend."

And it doesn't hurt that the first family has been great to work for. Eric says, "Both the governor and the first lady are two of the nicest people you'd ever want to meet, so they really make it easy. They let you know that they are rooting for you to succeed."

Governor Ricketts has become a big fan of Eric's ever changing menu, "One of the perks is that I can run over here for a quick lunch and Eric will always have something that's really good and nutritious."

One of the highlights of Eric's two year tenure with the governor took place two weeks ago at the Inaugural Ball when Eric got to meet a lot of senators and state leaders, "When they found out that I was the chef at the governor's mansion said, 'Oh, I've had your food and had a good memory of that and I think that was pretty special to be able to share that with so many people."