Lance's Journal: Come Get Your Unclaimed Property, July 18, 2016

One in five Nebraskans has unclaimed property waiting for them that is rightfully theirs.

There are more than 350,000 Nebraskans that are owed more than $170 million.

As the treasurer for the State of Nebraska, Don Stenberg is in the business of returning money to it's rightful owners, Last year, we returned about 11.8 million dollars to over 15,000 people."

Mary Jones is a research specialist at the Unclaimed Property Division in the Haymarket, "Often we find the rightful owner using our background systems and we know that it's the right person and they won't return our call. It could be a lot of money. I have somebody that I've called three times, it was $171,000 and I have not had him return my call. He may not believe that we're a legitimate entity. We are trying to return his funds to him and he won't call back."

Unclaimed property includes everything from the contents of safe deposit boxes to long-forgotten life insurance policies.

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