Lance's Journal: Comfort Dogs, Mar 5, 2018

The Lutheran Church Comfort Dog ministry embraces the soothing feelings that are brought on by purebred golden retrievers.

LCC Comfort Dogs get started training when they're just 8 weeks old. It takes over a year to train them and by the time they're done, they know 34 different commands.

Eddie is one of five LCC Comfort Dogs in Nebraska and he lives with his care givers, Don and Connie Moeller. And Don says, "They do go through some testing to make sure that they are classified and pass as a comfort dog. It's pretty strenuous."

Five young LCC Comfort Dogs are currently undergoing more than 2,000 of training so they can work out of 5 different Lutheran churches around the nation.

Launched nationally a decade ago, the LCC Comfort Dog ministry embraces the unique, calming nature and skills of purebred golden retrievers.

Don explains, "The idea for comfort dogs occurred in 2005 with Hurricane Katrina. Lutheran church charities, which started this actually has emergency response teams that go to tragedies and devastations such as hurricanes and those types of things."

Lutheran church charities currently has more than 130 comfort dogs serving in more than 20 states across America.

Don says they're always in need of apprentice trainers so if you're interested call Don at (308) 380-9875 or email him at