Lance's Journal: Dale Benham's Sailboat, Sept. 12, 2016

Dale Benham is not like most of us. I see a pile of wood, I think, 'Start a fire," Dale sees a pile of wood, he thinks, "Sails, wind & water."

Dale took a shop class in 9th grade and that was young Dale's first experience crafting wood. Dale says, "It's kind of a fun story, this boat is named Earl Craig for shop teacher."

More than forty years later, Mr. Craig would be proud of his student who's eyes were opened to the wonders of woodworking near Lubbock, Texas, "He was really influential in my life."

So influential that dale started searching for plans to build a sailboat in 2012. It took him four years to finish building the boat, but it's now done and Dale loves his new sailboat, "It's a pretty good feeling. I'm used to such a little bitty boat, this one kind of has a little slow motion, little roll to it, yea, it's fabulous."