Lance's Journal: Dick's Heart for Haiti, Oct. 20, 2017

When Dick Beuthe was first approached about going on that inaugural trip to Haiti 37 years ago, he was naturally a little reluctant to head into a very unknown environment.

But he quickly developed a kinship with the Haitian people and as of today, Dick has been to Haiti 171 times.

Dick's affinity for Haiti and it's people is quite apparent, "I love Haiti."

Dick has helped to build six churches and Haiti and he says, "We do have a feeding program and we do have a sponsorship program where people can sponsor a child for a year for 130 dollars.

In addition to sponsoring children, Dick says people can also show their heart for Haiti by donating clothing, shoes, diapers & soap to the Haiti Lutheran Mission Society: P.O. Box 22544, Lincoln, NE 68542, (402) 474-2063