Lance's Journal: Extra Mile Walk, Mar 12, 2018

This story begins more than a decade ago, when Shari Styskal was working in the Lincoln Public Schools budget office.

It was in 2004, The Food Bank of Lincoln started a backpack program for students at Clinton Elementary. That went so well that Shari decided to champion a fundraiser of sorts for the Lincoln Food Bank that was called the BackPack Extra Mile Walk.

Shari says from the very beginning in the spring of 2008, the BackPack Extra Mile Walk was an overwhelming success, "It was amazing. Everyone came on board because what more would you want than to provide food for a child who doesn't have it over the weekend."

Over the past decade, the Extra Mile Walk has raised more than $1.5 million for The Food Bank Backpack Program.

If you'd like take take part in making the Extra Mile Walk #11 successful, your opportunity is coming up next month.

Hundreds of people will gather together on April 28th at Lincoln East High School at 10 a.m. to continue the fight against hunger in Lincoln.

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