Lance's Journal: Fly Dogz Flies It Forward, Mar. 2, 2018

The word "fly" is sometimes used to describe something that is "cool" or "in style." So that's why it makes sense that Marcus Pierson named his restaurant "Fly Dogs" because the fancy frankfurters are very "cool" and hot dogs with heart are always "in style."

Marcus proudly proclaims, "Basically, we offer 12 different hot dogs and we bake our hot dogs and we toast our buns."

Fly Dogz has been open on O street for just about a year.

Marcus declares, "We do 52 different toppings, OK, it gets a little crazy, we definitely do."

A very successful first year in business has left Marcus humbled, "You see other restaurants come and go and that kind of keeps it in perspective for you like, we're still can only be humbled. You can only be grateful and thankful to the entire community."

And it's that gratitude that has spilled over into a program that helps the hungry homeless people in Lincoln, "We all know what it's like to struggle. Everyone who works here we've all been really down on our luck. There's never been a time where one of us hasn't been going through one thing or another."

Marcus created a program called, "Fly It Forward' and customers have pre-purchased more than a hundred meals for the homeless since December.

If you like to help Fly Dogz help out the homeless, Marcus says it's quite easy. Roll on in to Fly dogs at 31st and O Streets and pre-purchase meals for just $3 per meal.