Lance's Journal: From Veterinarian to Sculptor, Sept. 25, 2017

Dave Biehl had been a veterinarian in Hastings for nearly 30 years when he and his wife were on a trip to Colorado in 2004.

Dave saw a beautiful bronze sculpture at an art show in the park in Loveland, and suddenly, this 53 year old animal doctor had a strong desire to try his hand at sculpting, "We absolutely fell in love with the sculpture and when we got home after our vacation, I told my wife I said, "I want to try that sculpting. I think it's something I can do."

Dave discovered right away that he had been blessed with the sculpting gene.

In Dave's mind, this was going to be a one and done situation, "Then I had people see it, they wanted to buy it, then I had request to do other things."

Fourteen years later, Dr. Dave is now retired from the vet business and devotes about 20 hours a week to his bronze sculpting hobby.

If you'd like to see more of Dave's work, visit his

And if you'd like to see Dave's art in person, head on over to Main Street Studios in Elkhorn for their next open house on November 25th & 26th.