Lance's Journal: From refugee camp to law school

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Gat Ramdiet was just 9 years old, when the militia invaded the small South Sudan town where he was growing up. Gat says he and his brother were playing in the Nile River when the shots rang out and the brothers started running for their lives. Gat remembers it like it was yesterday, "We ran for what seems like an eternity and after we got to safety, we looked back to see a town that's been essentially destroyed."

Gat spent the next 6 years of his life in an Ethiopian refugee camp that was operated by the United Nations.

From the refugee camp, Gat was resettled in Omaha where he was signed up to attend Omaha South High School, "I couldn't even read or write or speak English in high school and I had teachers who would spend their after school just teaching me stuff that I needed to know."

After graduating from Omaha South in 2010, Gat went to UNO and then he came to Lincoln to attend the Nebraska College of Law in search of some meaning behind the chaos of his childhood in Africa, "I feel like had their been law and order in Sudan then people like the ones that came to my village and destroyed it and chased everyone away wouldn't even had the opportunity to do so."

Last year, Gat was honored to be able to spend the summer in New York City working as a legal intern with the organization that gave him so much when he was at the refugee camp.

Gat plans to use his law degree in New York City to help change the world in the years to come, "I'm hoping to make my way there and do what I can for humanity and hopefully be a part of finding a solution to all those problems that I was exposed to years ago that many people around the world are still going through."