Lance's Journal: Gene Gustafson is Carving at 95, Sept. 22, 2017

Gene Gustafson says he was getting tired of being retired when he started searching for a new way to spend his time at the age of 74.

Gene grew up on a farm near the epicenter of Nebraska's Sandhill Crane migration stopover.

So it only makes sense that gene has spent the last 23 years perfecting the process behind carving miniature wooden, life-like Sandhill Cranes.

The year was 1994, Gene was 74 years old and looking for a hobby.

He discovered a 5-week carving class at Grand Island Senior High School, "I thought that sounded kind of interesting. I was getting kind of tired of being retired you know."

Gene had always wanted to carve a duck decoy, "That kind of got me hooked on carving."

If you'd like your very own Gene Gustafson original crane, drop by the gift shop at the Crane Trust Nature & Visitor Center, just south of I-80 at the Alda exit near Grand Island.